Soulful Fitness Promo

Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training Promo.

Ordinary people, living ordinary lives, doing ordinary things, having ordinary problems, but share one special interest, both individually and/or in company: Modern day Roller Skating is about balance, agility, strength, passion, dedication, choices, the groove, the melody, the soul, the joy and pain. May your journey through life be a soulful one.


Omgaan met weerstand

Inschrijven voor een training bij Es Quint??!! Say Whaaattttt ?? Reframen:  om je snel iets beter te voelen en hoe K...

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Pusherman Rollaganza

I'm your mamma, I'm your daddy I'm that funkboy in the alley I'm your doctor, when in need Want some fun, ha...

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