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Funky Rhythm Roller Skating.

Een unieke kijk op en presentatie van het moderne freestyle rhythm roller skaten.

Het kernprincipe is balans en het uitdagen van balans houdt de geest scherp en het lichaam vitaal. ~


Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training.

Small group training, workshops, international seminars, coaching, personal training, kids roll power, outdoor jams.

~ Hoe het ook zij, je kunt de beste roller skates van de wereld hebben met de allerbeste training; het is uiteindelijk de ondergrond die bepaalt of je lekker gaat. ~

Kneep Deep

Going knee deep into the weeds on how far to bend the knees. As the human body works as a very sophisticated and fully integrated entity, it’s foolish to point out a single part that would be considered crucial for going through our day to day habits and activities.

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Moving from drill to skill

Moving from drill to skill. The primary way and focus within the Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training system, is the diligent practice and development of riffs and routines. Over the course of 35 years, the various drilling exercises have proven to be highly effective , when it comes to building and upgrading physical stre...

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