17-18 February 2024

Soulful Fitness Training, edition LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM.

Ramgarhia Sikh Sport Centre, 8-10 Chapeltown Road, LEEDS LS7 3AP

Hosted by Roller Girl Gang.

Trainers during this seminar: Mariska & Brian.


  • Two-day seminar, total of 10-12 hours of training & interaction.
  • Exercises on Float & Flow, from the Second Form of the Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training system
  • Focus on Total Body Coherence
  • Choose Your Move Section (related & non-related to the seminar exercises)
  • FAQ on safe skilldevelopment & injuryprevention.
  • Video summary included (For all attendants freely available as download after the seminar!)


Saturday, February 17

  • 10.00h Roll-In
  • 11.00h Training
  • 15.00h Summary / Questions / Roll-Out 
  • 16.00h End
  • Roller Skate party hosted by Roller Girl Gang


Sunday, February 18

  • 11.00h Roll-In
  • 12.00h Training
  • 16.00h Summary / Questions / Roll-Out
  • 17.00h End

Entry level: basic roller skating experience, at least 3 months (on a weekly basis).

* Prices are based on the Euro-BP conversion rate per date September 15, 2023.

This seminar conjuncts with a roller skate party on Saturday night, hosted and arranged by Roller Girl Gang. Seminar attendees will have a little discount on the party ticket when purchasing a seminar ticket!

More info about the party please check

NOTE: Refund is NOT possible if you can't make it! You CAN however, transfer your ticket to another person, but please do notify us!

Tickets to the February 2024  Seminar Leeds edition:




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