Visiting the Es Quint Foundation and scheduling your roller skate workouts.

The Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training system has elements, suitable for every level, discipline and goal on roller skates.

Besides joining our regular training sessions, you can book separate sessions for training one-on-one, or with your group. Considering your specific goals, you are certainly encouraged to participate in determining the content of the training program, during these sessions. 

When you don't have specific goals, or when you have little experience, we passionately love to assemble an exercise program, to bring you to your next level of bliss & balance. The exercises depend on your current balance state, skating experience, physical and mental stamina and sometimes injury history, if any.

* All exercises are developed and designed to avoid injuries and to work around any already existing injuries and/or any movement impairment. Tackling and redressing harmful compensation patterns and dysfunctional movements and posture, are often times a major part of our training program, in order to establish a breakthrough to a next level of fluent and safe roller skate flow.

Depending on the duration of your stay, your specific goals ànd your budget, we would like to contribute to your experience as fruitful, suitable ans soulful as we possibly can. Therefore, our program and services are specifically aimed at safe guarding your physical and mental health. Closely monitoring how and how much information you can and want to absorb, is a vital part of efficient skill development.

Our regular public schedule in 2022:

There are different options available to participate in our daily  training sessions. Personal training sessions, group clinics, midweek sessions and weekend sessions are all possibilities we can provide in different packages. When none of the presented packages fit your situation, we are absolutely open and willing to adjust were we can to meet your needs, without comprimising the quality and high standards of our services.

Program Options.

Our regular daily training sessions are scheduled throughout the whole year, as following:

Monday  19.00h - 22.30h

Tuesday 19.00h - 22.30h

Thursday 13.30h - 17.00h and 19.00h - 22.30h

Saturday 12.00h -15.30h

Regular Session.

These are all the sessions within our regular opening hours as mentioned above. You can come in and go as you please; there are no restrictions and you decide the length of your training time and the intensity of your workout. We always provide time and space to bring up topics or ask questions about  techniques, that are not on the menu or in the workflow at that particular moment.

Week Flow.

When you are staying for an entire week, this is your option to have a little discount benefit when hitting all 4 days.

Personal Session.

The duration of a personal session is  usually 1 to 1,5 hours. This depends on stamina and topics involved. These sessions are always scheduled outside of the regular training hours.

When the timeframe of your stay allows it, you have the opportunity to join every regular session that is within that timeframe, free from charge. This, to give you a chance to maximize the benefits of  your personal session.


Three personal sessions booked at once and scheduled in at everyone's convenience. You can spread them out throughout the week, or cramp them in, in two days or in the weekend, whatever suits your plan. Again, when the timeframe and schedule of your stay allows it, you have free access to all regular sessions taking place during your stay. 

Periodic Stay.

Longer stays and study periods of 3 weeks, 1 month, 6 weeks or 2 months or recurring stays. Anything is possible.  Let us know what you have in mind and we will mix up a tailormade offer you can't refuse.

Additional Info.

For full info and additional info on costs, you can download the international infosheet

Feel free to fill out the form or get in touch at info@quadsk8.nl  for tailormade offers to grow your flow!

* When you have ever visited any of our international seminars between November 2014 and February 2020, you have free access to our regular sessions and you are eligible for special discounts on all other options!

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