You are not what you do. You are what you learn.

Geplaatst op 13-04-2021

You are not what you do.

The passion and dedication for what I do, isn't strictly limited to roller skating and that is the broader message of my work and THE most important lesson I have learned during my Soulful Journey so far : 'You are not what you do; You are what you learn.'

When you dedicate yourself to something for an extended period of time, or you are bound to do something not entirely out of choice, but more out of necessity, you WILL absolutely learn things, perhaps change perspective.

When you have set yourself isolated goals, the preparation is at least as equally important as the outcome on that one moment you've been preparing for. All that you have learned and gained will stay with you forever; that one moment passes in an instant.

Taking those learnings to other areas of your life for the better, is the highest achievement you can make; bringing your learnings to a new cycle, a new learning curve, a new skill, a new trade.

Brian B. Kanhai





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