Virtual Closing Tour The Binck

Geplaatst op 05-01-2021

Virtual Tour minidoc, now available on the Bfunkphenomenon Youtube channel.

To all backers, supporters and those passionately rooting for the Es Quint Foundation and all affiliates.

On Saturday December 19, 2020, we have turned off the lights and closed the doors for one last time at the Binck, residence of the Es Quint Foundation for the last six years.

In doing so, we have not only closed a location, but also a chapter, a decade and even an era, in which Es Quint has lead by the example of positivity, dedication and authenticity.

In the face of many adversities, where we have been mistreated, disrespected, misjudged, taken advantage of and stolen from, we still have been able to build a strong, divers and thriving community, with people joining from all over the world.
We really don't know how we pulled that off, but we did.

The last six years, we have literally worked day and night, to prepare for the future.
That future is now. After a few days of rest, we are back on track and our Soulful Journey continues.

On behalf of the entire Es Quint community, you all have our eternal gratitude.

Linda @esquintfoundation , Mariska @kidsrollpower , Brian @quadsk8

Click on the picture below, to see the Virtual Tour minidocumentary.

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