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~ A strong desire or impulse to roll and explore the inner depths of your soul. ~

Some find it hard to skip a week, let alone eight in a row.
Especially after weeks of confinement such as this recent lockdown (The Netherlands d.d. March 16th.)
When you don't have a proper spot to get your roll on, your rollerlust has either waned away, or it may have reached a boiling point.

Your desires, automatic impulses, habits and cravings are put to the test or totally put to rest, which is not a bad thing either. Picking up a different pace and slowing down this fast life even if it's just for a bit, brings the body and mind in alternate states.

And that's where interesting things happen. Usually it's about balancing out past, present and future.
Trying to understand the past is one thing; bringing it to the present is another. That's not to say one should forget or devalue it. But `the past has no power over the present moment` (Eckhart Tolle), and that mindset of acceptance and peaceful energy, clears the path ahead.

Rollerlust is basically lust for life. All quintessential aspects that make us human, are encapsulated in this crazy, yet so terribly underrated and often times cheaply handled artform. Rhythm, challenging body and mind, interactive connection from soul to soul, without judging the person; it's all in there, bringing growth, creativity, happiness and perhaps most of all, self-understanding.

Not ever did we think to find ourselves in this situation. But here we are; right now; the entire world. And it's not over yet. And we're not getting out of it scott-free.
The main take-away so far:
`spending today, complaining about yesterday, won't make tomorrow a better day.
And then you never know, if there's even a tomorrow on the way. Life is here, life is now.`

Let's roll.

Brian B. Kanhai - Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training.

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