Life is too short not to skate!

Geplaatst op 05-01-2021

Life is over, before you know it. So go out there, find your bliss and be awesome with it!

I don't buy into any excuses.
Most heard of all excuses people come up with, of all times: 'I don't have time.'
That's interesting, for we all have 24 hours in a day, so that means we all have equal time to spend.

The formal translation of this excuse, since the very first commitment of the human species to the concept of time, can go three ways:
1. I am really horribly bad at time management.
2. I have other priorities, that may or may not be far more important, but nevertheless I'm not willing to shift or rearrange.
3. All of the above.

Don't ever stop doing what you love, whatever that may be.
If you're not doing it, living it, experiencing it, or not seriously planning to do so any time soon, you don't really want it all that bad.


Brian B. Kanhai


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