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Seminars – Roller Skate Training.

A tribe of rhythm roller skaters.

As human beings we are social creatures who need a social environment to learn, grow and excel. In that context, modern day subcultures can be seen as different tribes of the human race. A tribe is a collection of people with the same interests, similar triggerpoints, like-minded thinking, with the same passion on various levels, integrated in comparing lifestyles.

During an Es Quint Roller Skate Seminar, the tribe of rhythm roller skaters come together and share their passion for roller skating with each other. By exchanging thoughts, ideas and experiences, they learn together and grow not only as individuals, but as a tribe. The happening is intensified by the amount of valuable information and the way it is shared and put into practice, in an absolute safe and positive setting. A seminar can be one day, or last three to four days.

The whole seminar is a high energetic, intense inspiring and superfun experience, creating long lasting, if not everlasting memories connected to roller skating. More than often, all kinds of emotions come to surface during or at the end of a seminar.

A deep Immersion.

Such an intense seminar experience, is what we refer to as a deep immersion. Not an uncommon phenomenon in other subcultures, with all sorts of festivals, gatherings, retreats and so on. But within roller skating culture(2014) pretty unique.

The Soulful Fitness trainers create an absolute secured environment, where attendants are guaranteed safe in their individual learning process. The most effective training tools are shared not only to boost skills, but also to bring a better understanding of technique development and knowledge of how to improve oneself. The absorption level of all that is presented, is as deep as one allows it to be.


The Es Quint Foundation presented the first Soulful Fitness Seminar in May 2015, named ROLL-A-PALOOZA. Unique in format and presentation, Es Quint managed to develop a curriculum of different themes, in a three year span.

1. Riffs & Routines

2. Free Forms & Freezes

3. Flowmotion

4. Smooth, Soft & Silky

5. Jamrollboogiebounce

The Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training system is constantly evolving and so are the seminars and the trainers. Every training situation is always considered a two-way street of opportunities to learn and improve, both for the trainer and trainee. Every person is unique in his or her experiences in life, the prefered way of learning, physical potential and level of selfawareness.

The diversity in age and nationality of the seminar attendants has been enormous from the beginning and beyond any expectation. Even more interesting is the fact, that different regular visitors reportedly stated (in 2015), they have been inspired to start their own training groups as a direct result of their experiences at the seminars.


A Soulful Fitness seminar is not your average `roller disco` or skate party setting. That being said, the Es Quint trainers strongly believe that every moment spent on roller skates is a party in and on itself. A roller skate training seminar as presented by Es Quint is above anything else, a genuine sports event. However, a roller skate party in the midst of or afterwards, can be a very good match, preferably in ROLLAGANZA style.

The Es Quint Foundation is located in The Hague, The Netherlands. The Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training system is developed, preserved and presented by Quadsk8 International.


Training System.

All training sessions and seminars are based on the Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training system. Its structure is based on the six most important behavioral drivers for the brain, to adapt efficiently and effectively:

1. Repetition.

2. Timing.

3. Intensity.

4. Difficulty.

5. Specificity.

6. Salience.

These six pillars are incorporated in exercising the four principles of balance:

1. Challenge (your balance).

2. Control (your roll).

3. Improve (your move).

4. Free Flow (Motion).

Main themes:

· Drill it till you kill it.

· Practicing forms to (eventually) be formless (constructional riffing).

· Free Forms and Freezes.

· From the core to the floor.

Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training portrays a different perspective on (rhythm) roller skating. In that regard, it is considered a proprioceptive sensory training method, to change the brain for the better; highly intensive and effective brain training, in the funkiest way possible!

Brian B. Kanhai .

 Soulful fitness Roller Skate Training Quadsk8 /Es Quint Foundation.

“Using roller skates to help the mind to change the brain to change the body and mind for the better.”


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