Hyper Hype

Geplaatst op 23-07-2021

Hyper Hype.

Around the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, the entire world seemed to slip in a kind of a roller skating frenzy. Everyone was coming out of the woodworks with and without roller skates; OG's, New G's, little G's, barely clothed G's, fully geared up G's and just plain G's.

Practitioners in all shapes, colors and sizes, found a fresh way to kill time, maintain sanity during lockdown and a reason to expose themselves on social media.
Also, so called teachers, experts and tutorial wizards we're popping up left and right to jump on that big colorful bandwagon, to snatch their rightful piece of the action and put money, attention and fame before integrity, if at all.

Type of Hype.

Knowing the 'Downtown' and 500 variations to it, immediately skyrockets anyone's credibility to a young and fresh audience, at least so it seems.
Well, the expression Don't believe the hype' (Public Enemy 1998), may be somewhat outdated, it still rings very through today.  Personally, I prefer Full Force's 1989 phrase  "Ain't my type of hype", when it comes to this seemingly surge in roller skating interest. It is definitely not the first peak and it certainly will not be the last one. The only big difference today: The power and reach of social media and misinformation.

Under the Underground.

In practically just any subculture, there is a clear distinction between  the underground movement, the artform and the hype.
The underground movement contains the individuals with a passion; they usually have no or little money and/or barely have any financial interest/motivation to do what they love most.
They're just interested in gettin' busy and use their resources to great extent, to guarantee themselves an acceptable level of continuation.

The artform involves a variable degree of generating funds, but guards the authentic character; at least in most cases. Funds are used for exposure to general public, a new generation of practitioners/buyers/conservators/admirers and attracting the right people to bring the artform further in time. Individuals from the underground movement can transition into entrepeneurs over time, with a sense of credibility, which they hopefully put to good use as they guard the integrity of their passion for the artform.

The hype always feeds off of the artform and the underground movement. In all situations, non-passionate entrepeneurs with zero of very little correlation to the artform, step into the moment, to facilitate in the sudden rise and demand, strictly for personal financial gain and interest. To portray a sense of credibility, they seek out to underground movement members and intice them with financial incentives, sponsorships, fame and social media exposure.

With Love, passion & dedication.

It is always wise to separate the hype from the artform and individuals who have dedicated their soul and passion into developing and expanding the artform and exposing it's pure and authentic nature.

To understand the artform and fully appreciate it, it's a good thing to study it's history, explore the diversity and respect those, who have dedicated themselves to pave the way for practitioners, supporters and entrepeneurs today.

When the hype fades away, the artform stays, with always a little piece of its original DNA.

Brian B. Kanhai,  Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Trainer.

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