Soulful Downloads

~ Knowledge adds value to skill.

Videos, check sheets and posters meant as supplementation to your own practice and skill development process.

All exercises are designed in a practical and efficient manner, to grow your flow; safe for the body, comprehensible for the brain and funky for the soul. 

Working on proper form and knowing what you need to do and why,  can be the difference between your golden ticket to a next funky roller skate session and a subscription to the physical therapist's office. 

We are continuously updating this section by making minor changes and adding fresh content, so make sure to revisit on a regular basis for fresh releases. In the meantime, have fun browsing through this section!


Free downloads for you to get started, to keep goin', or sprinkle fresh inspiration on your Soulful Journey!




Zooming in on important details to keep you safe and to make efficient and effective use of your training time. These explanatory videos will definitely make a difference between either getting funky or keep on strugglin' and staying clunky!




A collection of short riffs, drills & sequences from the Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training system.

These sample snippets mainly focus on visual learning, with sometimes additional keynotes displayed on screen.  All techniques displayed in this collection can be considered as building blocks, to add to your own vocabulary, for efficient flow development. All exercises displayed in all content, are carefully constructed to limit the chance of excessive overload and injuries.

The Soulful Fitness Roller Skate training system is designed to fully benefit the regenerating system and adaptive capacity of the body and the brain. Therefore, NEVER EXERCISE WITH YOUR HANDS IN YOUR POCKETS OR BEHIND YOUR BACK AND/OR WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED.




Check sheets to check yourself.

Keeping yourself in check, in order to avoid short and long term injuries, due to improper posture and form and developing dysfunctional compensation patterns.



Kneep Deep

Going knee deep into the weeds on how far to bend the knees. As the human body works as a very sophisticated and fully integrated entity, it’s foolish to point out a single part that would be considered crucial for going through our day to day habits and activities.

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Moving from drill to skill

Moving from drill to skill. The primary way and focus within the Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training system, is the dilige...

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