~ Knowledge adds value to skill.

Videos, check sheets and posters meant as supplementation to your own practice and skill development process.

All exercises are designed in a practical and efficient manner, to grow your flow; safe for the body, comprehensible for the brain and funky for the soul. 

Working on proper form and knowing what you need to do and why,  can be the difference between your golden ticket to a next funky roller skate session and a subscription to the physical therapist's office. 

Stay tuned for more!

Coming soon: Backstrokin' , Trailin', Crazy Legs Drill, Two-Tone Pivot, Pendulum Turn, First Form, Sun Routine, Charlie's Boogie Back Step, Backwheel Split.





Omgaan met weerstand

Inschrijven voor een training bij Es Quint??!! Say Whaaattttt ?? Reframen:  om je snel iets beter te voelen en hoe K...

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Pusherman Rollaganza

I'm your mamma, I'm your daddy I'm that funkboy in the alley I'm your doctor, when in need Want some fun, ha...

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