Logical learning path for roller skating

09 November 2016 Hits: 3686 Written by Bfunkphenomenon
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Logical learning  path.

Moving or dancing is a way of expressing your feelings; Its like telling a story or having a conversation.

In order to translate your emotions in the right way, you do want to be clear and accurate. This usually takes an extended vocabulary and good articulation, which can be acquired through extensive training and practice.

There is a logical path to build up your skills. First, you start off by learning the basic techniques. At this point your body is getting used to the stances and movements and the various ways of challenging your balance.

Then you move on to combining techniques into little riffs and routines. Just short ones, to keep the focus sharp and to eliminate any sloppiness.  The body is noticeably getting stronger and more used to different balance situations.

As your skills progress, you can slowly work on additional movements, which are more focused on expression and not necessarily needed for balance control.  This is especially when you aim to perform or interact with an audience. But make sure you dont get sloppy in the process, or your story will not flow.

When you engage into learning routines too soon, instead of learning basic skills as a way to learn how to (rhythm) skate, theres a good chance you will get stuck in those routines and you may develop strange habits.

~ Skipping the phase of learning fundamental roller skating skills, means your body is not quite prepared to deal with balance interruption, which could lead to injury. ~

Routines are necessary to polish your skills, but make sure you dont  get stuck to them. The essential idea of practicing forms, is to eventually become formless.  So you need to break out, break them down and mix them up to get into a free formless flow. In this way, your moving becomes a free conversation in which you express yourself  or you can invite anyone whos willing to share, listen or add something to your vocabulary of motion.


The difference between riffs, routines & choreography.

Riffs and routines are primarily training tools or short training drills, compared to forms and katas in martial arts. A choreography is mainly aimed at performing sets and showcases for entertainment purposes.

* A riff is a very short sequence of movements, to work on a specific technique or build up strength, endurance or reach a comfortable sense of fluidity (flowmotion). Repetition is key, so that means drill it till you kill it.

* A routine is a combination of two or more riffs or parts of different riffs placed in random order, to challenge and emphasize transitions and flowmotion.

* A choreography is a complete set, usually to a particular song or piece of music. Emotions and feelings come into play and are translated into motion, to emphasize the music, the lyrics and/or to connect with fellow performers and/or an audience.


Free your Flow

Your body is your tool to articulate. Utilizing every muscle in the body to freeze and intercept or redirect motion, is the way to ultimately control your roll and experience the feel of flowmotion.

As you get acquainted with balance control through rigorous  training, you have to pull yourself out of training mode every now and then and enjoy the freedom  of movement, the music, the surroundings, the energy all around you and blend in.

Freedom of movement means freedom of expression; freedom of emotion and freedom of choice  to be whoever you want to be and to flow any which way you want to go. If theres music, then let it guide you through the motion and syncopate with the groove and/or melody. If theres only your heartbeat, go with that.


Free your flow  and your wheels will follow, but safe practice first!


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