The 4 principles of balance

01 May 2015 Hits: 4016 Written by Bfunkphenomenon
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The four principles of balance can be useful references for any practitioner at any level, to bring workable structure in training.

And although the cycle of balance is always the same, the combination of stance and movements or patterns of movement is infinite.

Development of balance is described in four separate stages: 1. challenge, 2. control, 3. improve, 4. improvise.

1. Challenge

Searching for a good posture or positioning the whole body to maintain balance, is very intense for any beginner, but is still always a challenge for advanced practitioners.

2. Control

Moving from one position to the other, or learning to execute a total pattern of movement (left-sided and right-sided) can take up a lot of frustrating time. But with good on-point training, control can be mastered surprisingly easy.

3. Improve

The power of repeating patterns, training body and bodyposture and the effectiveness of creating momentum, is what eventually brings the practitioner to a certain sense and state of trust and comfort.

4. Improvise

Creating flawless transitions between movements in a dynamic constance of rhythm, results in a playful moving mantra or dance.


The formentioned principles are captured in the following credos and are specifically integrated as reference tools into the Soulful Fitness system.

1. Challenge your Balance

2. Control your Roll

3. Improve your Move

4. Flowmotion

heel balance

The flow one brings into a pattern depends strongly on size, weight and length. And sometimes, even the specifications of the roller skates should not be underestimated as a dominant factor. So every one has her or his own special flow. In fact, flow motion is just as unique for a person as a fingerprint.

By making the concept of form and function of postures and movements understandable, it becomes much easier to develop flow motion. At least, it shortens the whole learning process to experience a comfortable level of balance, quite a bit.

Studying forms to eventually become formless and understanding function of movements in a safe and practical way, are both key elements in Soulful Fitness.

Save yourself a lot of time and experience the soulful fitness way, to get everything out of your roller skating sessions.



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