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Roller skaten als spel, sport en dans. Er is bijzonder weinig lees -en studiemateriaal over beschikbaar en qua entertainmentwaarde scoort het ook niet noemenswaardig. Het is bovenal een multidisciplinaire activiteit, die je vooral moet doen en beleven. De kennis en toewijding erachter blijft echter vaak onderbelicht, hetgeen essentieel is voor een correcte, efficiente en vooral veilige beoefening.

Het kernprincipe is balans en het uitdagen van balans houdt de geest scherp en het lichaam vitaal.


Serious and valid literature on roller skating is hard to come by if there's any at all. But it is more than fair enough to consider roller skating as a durable physical activity, like any other sports today.

Soulful Fitness Roller Skate Training is the only full system incorporating fundamental knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and neuropsychological aspects for safe and efficient training.

The articles included in this section, are in Dutch and English.

Weekend Seminars

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Written by Brian
02 March 2018
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A tribe of rhythm roller skaters.

Logical learning path for roller skating

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Written by Bfunkphenomenon
09 November 2016
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Logical learning  path.

Moving or dancing is a way of expressing your feelings; Its like telling a story or having a conversation.

Proper Roller Skate Training

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Written by Bfunkphenomenon
07 November 2016
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Proper Roller Skate Training.

Within all varieties of roller skating disciplines, the one thing that stands out is the importance of proper technique.

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