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Your rolling venture starts here.

You have most definitely come across the funkiest starting point when it comes to exploring the world on classic eight wheels.

Welcome to our digital platform for roller skaters and for those who are interested in this fun and funky life style.

Information is provided in the various sections of this platform, directed towards stimulating roller skating as a whole, and funky rhythm roller skating in a specific way. Having the fortune of being exposed to good grooves at a very young age, we now see rhythm roller skating as the quintessence of groove.

Due to modern day technology there is no sense in gathering and copy-paste information that is already out there. Instead we like to serve as a starting point and guide line based on personal taste and experience.

Although headquarters of this platform is in the Netherlands and its main focus is on what’s happening in the Netherlands, we do very much like to keep up with what’s going on in the rest of the world. We keep a close eye on the ongoing revolution of roller skating.

Regarding the latter, we constantly feel the importance to express, how much we are inspired by the worldwide roller skate community. We are not a force on our own; behind it, there is a whole movement, a history, a vision, a passion and true dedication. In that light, we’ve had the privilege of meeting True Skaters all over the world who share our feelings. And it’s in their spirit that we carry on to celebrate life in the funkiest way we know and to leave a little something for the generations to come.




Especially in Europe, the image of roller skating and the old fashioned term rollerdisco needs to be polished up. Just like music today, roller skating has made a tremendous evolution and progress when it comes to technique, style and appeal. Roller skating is not just a relic from the seventies, it’s the most powerful, innovative, funky and interactive application known to men and women.

Back in the day, we had discotheques; nowadays we have clubs, lounges, camps, festivals, rave parties, you name it. In that same order, due to the evolution of music, the term rollerdisco doesn't do justice anymore to what it has become today. Now we prefer to talk about roll calls, skate jams, sk8-a-thons, soulful fitness roller skate training and so on.

Because of growing international attention, some fragments of this platform are in English and some sections particularly considering the Dutch community, are obviously in the Dutch language.

Thank you for visiting us. We hope to inspire you, to do anything in life that means the world to you.

Linda Groove Rider & Brian the B-Funkphenomenon

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phone: +31 612124959

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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